Poster for La coupe de Noël
Illustration and graphic design for Swiss cold water swimming competition.
Mural for La Cigüe
Mural made with the artist Luan Banzai for La Cigüe Les pavillons in Geneva, Switzerland.
Mural for the School of Genthod
Mural project for Genthod's primary school, Switzerland.
La Baignade Festival
Visual identity and illustrations for LA BAIGNADE festival, in Geneva, Switzerland.
Collective Exhibition
Collective exhibition ESPACES INTIMES at Café Rosa, Lyon France.
Mural II for the school of Genthod
Mural project for Genthod's primary school, Switzerland.
Fresque UrbanKit
Street painting project for La Ville de Genève, in the city center of Geneva, Switzerland.
Personal projects
Paintings and illustrations.
Mural Soulwines
Wall painting at Soulwines art space. Geneva, Switzerland.
In these creative workshops for children we observe, draw, paint, and explore different techniques based on the developpement of sensitivity and freedom of expression.
Illustrations for the book « Rituales para la vida moderna ».
Mural for the creation room in the CODHA cooperative in Meyrin with the artist Luan Banzai.Mural project made for the Creation Room in the CODHA Cooperative, Meyrin, Switzerland.
Solo Exhibition Symbioses
Solo exhibition introducing my research on the symbiosis between organisms through masses of colors.
Animations for Soulwines
Video and animations for Soulwines and SIG IMPACT.
Logo design for different clients.
Mamité Mural
Mural project for the Mamité's Zoo-Therapy Farm in Geneva, Switzerland.